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Vital Humic Hydro Bio

Hydro Bio by Vital Humic is an innovative organic probiotic bio stimulant designed to support optimal plant growth and soil health.

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Hydro Bio by Vital Humic is the most complete and advanced growing product of its kinds.

100% water soluble powder is easy to use for any field, turf, hydroponic, greenhouse, cannabis, orchard, vineyard, home lawn, garden or houseplants. 

Hydro Bio's powerful formula combines seven beneficial microbes, including strains known for their symbiotic relationships with plants. By harnessing the power of humic acid, fulvic acid, kelp, and molasses, Hydro Bio aims to provide a comprehensive blend of organic compounds that can potentially enhance nutrient uptake, improve soil structure, and stimulate plant growth. Through a unique fermentation process that nanotizes the ingredients, Hydro Bio delivers a polarized molecule that may help maximize the product's effectiveness.

Humic acid and fulvic acid, key components of Hydro Bio, are organic substances derived from natural sources. These compounds play a vital role in promoting nutrient availability and absorption by plants, improving soil fertility, and enhancing water retention. Additionally, the inclusion of kelp and molasses in Hydro Bio brings additional benefits. Kelp is rich in essential micronutrients, vitamins, and growth-promoting hormones that can potentially stimulate plant development and resilience. Molasses, a carbohydrate-rich ingredient, is a food source for the microbes, supporting their growth and activity insil or hydroponics. 

Hydro Bio stands out as a premium organic probiotic bio stimulant due to its carefully selected blend of ingredients and its unique nanotization process. By incorporating beneficial microbes, humic acid, fulvic acid, kelp, and molasses, this product creates a balanced ecosystem within the soil, fostering a conducive environment for robust plant growth. With its ability to improve nutrient uptake, soil structure, and overall plant health, Hydro Bio can be a valuable addition to agricultural, horticultural, and gardening practices.

Embrace the power of nature with Hydro Bio and unlock the full potential of your plants and soil

- Improve water retention in soils and grow mediums

- Improve cation exchange capacity of nutrients in soils and solutions.

- Loosen compact or clay heavy soils in fields, lawns, turf and garden. 

- Helps balance and buffer the pH in soils, solutions and other grow mediums. 

- Increase plant BRIX levels for healthier plants, larger yields higher quality harvests.

- Increase plants pest ability to fight off pests and pathogens in and above the soils. 

- Helps remove pathogens from the soil 

- Increase frost tolerance

- Decrease use of fertilizers and chemicals on field and indoor/greenhouse crops.


11 ingredients combined into 1 dynamic molecule.

Replace 8 or more different products with Hydro Bio


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