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Optic foliar shift 1L

Optic Foliar Shift is a foliar nutrition spray that helps reduce plant stress. It must be used with Optic Foliar Transport, at a rate of 10mL per Litre, or 2 tsp per quart during day 7 and 17 of bloom or at the first sign of stress.
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Optic Foliar SWITCH is a highly specialize product to prevent the onset of seeds and hermaphrodites in flowering crops and will also stop and reverse the production of seeds and hermaphrodites in late bloom. Many additional benefits of SWITCH have also been recognized by growers over the years from initiating bloom to maintaining a longer vegetative state for outdoor crops. As the features & benefits of Optic Foliar Switch are unique, so are the application and usage instructions.


For the best results, as well as to help minimize leaf damage and leaf drop, growers need to pay attention to the following, prior to using Optic Foliar SWITCH:

Do not use on plants that are under any form of STRESS, including the following:
When the temperature is below 65°F/18°C or higher than 90°F/32°C.
Do not foliar spray any other products onto the plant 24 hours prior to applying SWITCH or 24 hours after applying SWITCH.
Do not apply to over-fertilized or under-watered plants.
Do not apply to plants infested with bugs or infected with fungi or disease of any kind, including the root zone.
Do not add any other products to the combination of SWTICH & TRANSPORT.


Many forms of plant stress can lead to the production of ethylene gas by the plant. This is further compounded when SWITCH is applied to the leaves as it produces ethylene gas as a by-product, further amplifying the side-effects caused by stress.


When applied to plants, Optic Foliar SWITCH readily enters the plant and breaks down to ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone. Ethylene production within the plant is stimulated by stress. For this reason it is important that plants being treated are not under stress from drought, high or low temperatures, disease or other environmental stress conditions. Treating stressed plants may cause severe injury to the plant such as defoliation or leaf scorching. Injury from Optic Foliar SWITCH does not kill the plant, but may render the leaves unpleasant to look at.


SWITCH does not lower yields, quality or essential oil production and will not leave any residue or toxicity within the plant. Plants will recover from the temporary leaf damage and will continue to produce blooms with no adverse affect to weight, quality or essential oil production.

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