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Optic Foliar REV 60ml

Optic foliar Rev 60ml
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THE BEST foliar feed system in the industry - BGH APPROVED!

Can (and should) be sprayed with the lights on! No pH adjustment necessary. Amplifies any other foliar feed or pesticide when combined. Can be mixed with any fungicides and/or pesticides (Azamax, etc.) to avoid have to spray separately. When you do this, you only need to apply them at 1/4 to 1/2 strength. This is due to the fact that unlike other wetting agents, TRANSPORT allows the nutrients, pesticides and fungicides to penetrate into the leaf, allowing them to remain active for a longer period of time. It's like using an IV versus using a pill - the substances are delivered quicker and more efficiently and have a greater impact. The only substances we do not recommend using in the same mix as Optic Foliar are beneficials, such as compost tea and other forms of bacteri and fungi. 

Think about it - no more having to spray when the lights are off, and you only have to use 1/4 to 1/2 of what you've been using - it's a no-brainer!

Optic Foliar REV is an exceptional nutrient solution for fast-growing plants.  After the application of Optic Foliar WATTS, the plants will grow markedly faster and require additional nutrients.  This is where Optic Foliar REV steps in to provide additional nutrition to the plant to help supplement the high rates of growth created by WATTS.

REV is best used with Optic Foliar TRANSPORT and WATTS

Optic Foliar REV helps the plant maintain its highly accelerated growth and flowering rates, resulting in greener and healthier plants, as well as higher-quality crop yields, by providing most of the micronutrients, organic vitamins, amino acids, as well as carbohydrate sugars and B1 as key additional building blocks for flower development, quality, taste and flavour.


  1. Shake concentrate before mixing
  2. For each 1 litre/quart of spray solution, add 7.5 ml/ 1.5 tsp of TRANSPORT,  REV & WATTS
  3. Spray leaves 2-3 times per week throughout growth stage and up to week 5 of flower
  4. Can be sprayed on cuttings, seedlings, veg & bloom plants

Additional Usage Notes:

  • Best used with distilled water
  • Shake products well before use
  • Spray while lights are on
  • Do not adjust pH of foliar spray
  • Avoid spraying any electrical or lighting
  • Long term stability when mixed
  • Can also add atak or natural pesticide (link) to mix for multipurpose solution
  • Can also add pesticide / fungicide
  • Can also be used on cuttings/seedlings
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