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The Gras Shop - 09 / Feb / 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplants

Tips and tricks for caring for your house plants in Saskatchewan.

A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplants
A Beginner's Guide to Houseplants

In Saskatoon and throughout Saskatchewan gardeners have to work with the elements. We experience hot and dry temperatures in the summer and extremely cold temperatures in the winter. We also experience a drastic reduction in daylight throughout the winter season. For these reasons, many gardeners in Saskatchewan like to keep houseplants. This blog,  gives you a beginner’s guide to growing and caring for your house plants.

Common houseplants for new plant parents.

  1. Succulents

    Succulents are a very popular houseplant. Many gardeners are drawn to them because they are easy to care for. Popular succulents are:
  • Aloe Vera: Known for its use in sunburn relief, this plant is also a pretty addition to any room in your house. Try one out in your bathroom. They like the humidity generated by showers.

  • Burro’s Tail: This plant is known for being easy to care for and for being easy to propagate.

  • Snake Plant: The Snake Plant is perfect for newbie Saskatchewan gardeners and growers. The Snake Plant can survive for long periods of time with low light. This plant can also survive for long periods of time with little water or tending to.

  • The Zebra Plant: The Zebra Plant is a great indoor plant for beginners. The Zebra Plant can be easily propagated and thrives indoors. Keep in mind that the snake plant does not like cold temperatures. For best results, keep your Zebra Plant away from doors or other spaces in your house where cold outside air tends to rush through.

  • Roseum Plant: The Roseum Plant can handle poor soil conditions. This plant can also handle low light. The Roseum Plant might actually outlive the person who is growing it. This plant is perfect for your window sill.

    2. Flowering houseplants

    Would love some information same as the succulents!

  • Spider Plant: Because it can grow in a variety of conditions and environments, the Spider Plant is a very popular choice. Perfect for beginners, this plant does not require extensive care and maintenance. The Spider Plant can also be repotted and easily propagated.

  • The Golden Pathos Plant: The Golden Pathos plant can tolerate low light. It also thrives in various humidity conditions. The Golden Pathos only needs to be watered once every 1 - 2 weeks.

  • Lucky Bamboo Plant: This plant is considered sculptural. The Lucky Bamboo is also very hearty, needing little water or light to survive. Lucky Bamboo is popular in houses and can help you keep close to nature, even in the dead of winter.

  • Bromeliads: Bromeliads are another easy-to-care-for houseplant. This plant likes nice bright spaces. Plants that like bright spaces are perfect for Saskatchewan, because we experience many bright and sunny days throughout the year.

    5 tips for caring for your houseplants

  • Regularly check the soil of your plants to assess dryness by placing your fingers into the soil of your plant. If more than an inch of your plant’s soil feels dry, water it. It is key to understand the specific watering requirements for your plants. Try keeping a journal to help you remember, or try to collect plants with similar watering needs to start out your indoor journey in botany.

  • Do not overwater your plants. Overwatering plants can lead to plant pests, lack of oxygen, loss of vigour, root rot, and slowed growth.

  • Pick plants based on your space. Know where you want your plant to go before buying your plant. The characteristics of the space you plan to put your plant in will impact what types of plants you will want to buy. Many plants have specific requirements for lightening, room temperature, and humidity. If you have experienced bad luck with plants it may be because you are choosing the wrong plants for your home or office, and not because you lack the ability to care for them.

  • Many bathroom spaces are prone to low light. Place your plants that need the least light in your bathroom.

  • Pick ots with drainage holes to help keep your plant’s roots and soil safe from becoming too moist. When a plant’s roots are left to soak in water, they can rot. When watering these plants, we recommend doing so over a sink to contend with water spilling out of the drainage holes.

Tools for Indoor Growing

Mini Greenhouse: The Nanodome by Sunblaster is perfect for a beginner gardener who is growing on small scale. A great starter propagation kit, the Nanodome comes with everything you need to start your flower and vegetables, to propagate clippings, or grow herbs year-round.

Lights: Lighting is another important tool for the budding growing enthusiast. The 36” T5LED by Sunblaster is a great choice to give your plants the light they need, when they need it. These lights have an operating time of 35,000 hours. They are also the more eco-friendly option. Free of mercury, these lights check a lot of boxes for Saskatoon gardeners and growers.

Lighthouses or controlled environments: The Lighthouse 2.0 controlled environment measures 5 feet by 5 feet. This grow tent offers waterproof liners. These tents also host adjustable ventilation ports for ventilation and ducting. There is also an adjustable cord port, and screened vent panels. As gardeners in Saskatchewan, having control over our environment is what allows us to grow and care for our indoor plants all year–especially through the cold and dark winters.

Gras Shop has Saskatoon’s best gardening and growing supplies

The Gras Shop combines a staff of expert gardeners and growers with a passion for plants. If you’re a first-time plant owner and need advice, The Gras Shop staff are here to help. We can get you started down the right path when it comes to caring for your plants. We can also help you with any problems you encounter when growing and caring for your plants. For the more seasoned plant lover, The Gras Shop can help with your most troublesome pests, pains, and problems. No matter the scale or skill of your growing operation, come visit us. We’ve got answers, solutions, skill, and expertise.

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplants
    09 / Feb / 2022

    The Gras Shop - 09 / Feb / 2022

    A Beginner’s Guide to Houseplants


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